Saturday, 31 March 2007

Checking out the route

Me, Chris and that bastard Tim went for a ride to check out the route we'll be taking to the festival. (Fantastic photography from Chris here...)

It's fairly flat, but looking at even a shallow gradient and just imagining the effort at pulling that load is quite scary. I don't reckon my knees are up for this.

Only one bike

OK, lets chuck out the idea of cycling side by side. Welding bikes together is a blag. And if we have individual rigs all the constraint issues go away. So lets have two separate rigs, each carrying half the total weight.

Here's the concept:

This simulates the horse thing a bit better, and has way fewer problems with disassembly... the clever part is that it uses the poles as the chasis for the trailer. A way better use of resources.

Just got off the phone with Bodge after chatting about the idea of a sofa bed of nails. Haaaha!! Ahhhhh... 'appy daze.

The Bet

Hahahaa! Whilst out on the piss last night with Tim, Chris and Chucky, I explained the grand idea. Tim said that it couldn't be done. Twat! So I told him to put his money where his mouth was and we shook on it. The bet was for (after deliberating over bikes, jackets and money) a Shoei helmet.

It's on.

Bicycle made for two

Here's one idea:

The bikes would need to be braced, and steering linked but it would be a pretty comfortable way of doing it. I like the idea of cycleing side by side. A standard tandem bikes would mean staring at Andy's sweaty ass all the way to Yeovil which would be a disaster.

It will probably suffer from over constraint I think. But the biggest problem here we've realised is design for disassembly. There's a lot of hardware here, and it need to be stored in Andy's garage for most of the year, so this ain't gonna cut it.