Monday, 28 May 2007

The solar twist

As an aside to the travelling part of this mission, there is another facet to be talked about. Me and Stevesy (and any of the rest of the crew who can be arsed) are gonna be a part of the festival this year... we're making solar tea on his solar cookers and giving it away for free. Steve's also come up with a new design for a solar oven which we'll bake chocolate brownies in. So amidst all the logistics of getting the trailer up and running, here's some wonderful footage of me and Steve making the hood for his oven.

You can learn more about Steve (and Duncan)'s incredible free energy contraptions
here. They too take great pride in blagging absolutely all of their materials. Respect!

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Our mate Anil has come up with the goods on hills! He's a bicycle nut and has this brilliant program on his computer which looks at your route and generates a profile of the elevations.

So below is the result from AK's house to the sunrise festival:

(Click it for a close up).

Cheers buddy!