Thursday, 19 April 2007

Donations get trigger happy

Trigger has saved the day by donating a beaut of a bike, a Secialized HardRock, so now we've got two fully working bikes which can pull the load! It comes with some fat daddied up pedals, and some caliper brakes with some good stopping power. This is what it would look like if we gave it a spring clean...

Appy daze, nice one trig!!


Spiderman (AKA Marge Simpson!!) said...

Ed and crew,

Thought I would get involved after reading about your blog on one of the posts on ours.

I just wanted to say that this has all the makings of an epic adventure, and thats even before you get to the festival!!

Couple of suggestions:

- Love the idea of the two bikes side by side, and given that you mentioned welding, if you have the equipment at your disposition I would say go for it, as its the best way to get the job done by sharing the work...

- Consider thinking up a list for a vital "first aid/rescue kit" I don't mean plasters and a bottle of TCP, I mean:
Puncture repair kit, spare cordage to tie the stuff, and anything else to ensure your mission is nothing less than a blazing success..

I wish you luck my friends, and remember, freecycle is your friend!


eD said...
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eD said...

Hey spidy,

I remember you being marge simpson! I think I fell for you instantly.

Cordage is a damn good suggestion. We ended up not doing any welding, it was mostly nuts and bolts, so if any of the bolts break, (which they might, I've bent the bejeebus out of most of them) cord would be much better than the a rack of heavy spares.