Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The prototype bipi

Today I was dubbed insane by a guest who came round for lunch. A 40kg weight for a bike trailer will, apparently, make this mission impossible. Rubbish. Good name for a film though. So I went out into the yard and got a feel for what I was up against.

This time when I went outside I was in Wales with all the hardware and tools I could dream of. I sawed off a fence post for the crossbar, found some rails to simulate the poles and tied them to a sacktruck at the back.

I'm notoriously crap with knots, but here's how I managed to string the crossbar and poles together. Also, two ties run from the ends of the cross bar to the bike frame to keep the crossbar horizontal:

And it worked!!! Hahaha! Tim, if you're reading, I'll have the 'norick tc-2' with the 'spectra blue' visor please:

AND THEN, I put not one, but TWO feeds sack on the back of the poles. That 50kgs motherfu****! And it went - and slightly up hill too! So all the doubters can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

That said, there's a few things which need some work:

- We need some hard core luggage straps to tie these poles onto. Nylon won't cut it.
- Gonna have to make that carriage out of something suitable for the road. The sack truck wheels were far too small. Bike wheels would be perfect - gonna have to get welding.
- The poles got in the way of steering a bit, so we need to play with the geometry of the carriage and the crossbar...

Suggestions, ideas, sexual favours all completley welcome.

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Esteban said...

yes ed, YES. The video proof is in the pudding, nice one my friend. I suggest we convene over a pint so that I can hear more about it.