Friday, 2 November 2007


After all the planning and drilling and drinking we f*cking made it!!! I couldn't be arsed writing about it, coz lets face it people prefer pictures, so here's a comic strip of the mission:

Click here to download a comic strip of the big adventure

Reflection: Steve and I were talking about it the other day, particularly the bizarre situation of pedalling 100 kgs up the hills. It hurt so badly, and it felt like your heart was about to burst out of your ribcage, but you absolutely could not stop becuase if you did you, and the 100kgs, would slip backwards down the hill. Bikes don't ride backwards - so that would have meant a skid, tip over, crash, mangle, gears, cuts, gease, blood, snaps, breaks, ends etc. There's not many tough situations in my life where you HAVE TO KEEP ON GOING. And even though sometimes we were literally inching our way to the finish withs pinning rear wheels, we didn't slip backwards once, and we loved it.

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Michael Undem said...

Hi have you had any more Tipis on bikes adventures?
Im just getting into a design for transporting a 12 foot tipi on a bike and would love any tips.