Tuesday, 28 March 2006

I don't get it...

We need to design and make a trailer to pull a tipi using only pedal power. This blog explains the problem, with updates on what's been going down recently.

Me and AK and lots of others (in here) made a tipi a few years back for sittin in, and until recently we've always pulled it around with a car. But tipis and cars don't really go together. They're from completely seperate eras - it's like imagining dinosaurs co-existing with us humans (which would be over really quickly, according to those in the know: we'd either get shredded by a T-rex or accidentally trodden on by a big old Brontesaurus. But that's not the point, and tipi's don't eat people anyway).

So if we can't use a car, how else can we move it? Well the Indians used their horses and strapped the poles on to create a travois:

We're fresh out of horses, so we're going to use bikes instead. Here's the rest of the challenge:

- We've got no money
- We haven't got any bikes either
- The load includes 12 x 20 ft long poles, 60kgs of canvas and festival kit!!
- The fist gig (to the Sunrise festival in Yeovil) will be an 88 mile round trip
- AK's got an OCD, and Ed's got cooties.

Here's the tipi:

Here's the route:

Here's AK:

And here's Ed:

We need to design some kind of trailer to pull the load. As far as we know, nobody's done this before so everything below is a result of genius ideas had at the pub, and from stuff robbed out of skips or kindly donated by your good selves... we're always on the scrounge, so anything you have to donate would be "super"!

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Nice mug shot eD - looks like your saying something deeply intellectual.

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